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Wireless Calling System

    Wireless calling server adopts RF wireless technology, realizes wireless calling service, it is widely used in restaurants, hospitals, cafes, super markets, bars, KTV, banks, factories etc.

  • 1) No wiring, easy to install and use
  • 2) RF wireless technology, no direction
  • 3) Millions groups of learning codes
  • 4) LED / LCD display
  • 5) Maximum 99 channels are available
  • 6) Review calling 10 records
  • 7) Superheterodyne receiver, sensitivity is -108dBm
wireless call system


1. Wireless calling receiver


    The Wireless Calling server is a RF receiver which is put on the table of wear on the wrist. It can receive the RF signal from the transmitter on each table or other places.


    It can be worked on the service center, front desk, hang on the wall, wear on wrist or other places.




2. Wireless calling transmitter


    The transmitter is for the customer or someone else which needs service. He just presses the button on the caller, the caller can transmit RF signal to receiver. The transmitter is powered by battery. So it can be put anywhere, no worry about the power wire.


    The caller has 1-button, 2 button, 4-button, 6-button and so on different models. The function of button refers to order, water, payment, cancel and other calling service.


    It can be used on the table, sticked on the wall, umbrella pole or other places.



    This wireless calling system is very easy to install. So it is widely used in restaurant, cafe, bar, KTV, club, shop, hospital and so on.



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