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CCTV finance channel visited our showroom

Smart home industry is one of very important thing in future information industry. In the future years, it will be billions of dolloars in the market. Chinese central television finance channel visisted our showroom in start of 2017.

CHNSMART is working on smart home system for many years, and devoted much energy and investment in it, now just released the 3rd generation home automation system.

In the interview, CHNSMART general manager instroduced the present suitation and future. In the past years, it is the procedure to train customers, and smart phone push the home automation fast development. So in the coming 2 years, the industry will grow up very quickly.

CCTV journalist interviewed CHNSMART marketing manager Mr. Fang about the features and function of home automation.

Q: What's the features of your home automation system?

A: It adopts FSK two-way transmission, RF wireless technology, TCP/IP etc. protocol, uses App to control everything at home through cloud server. The main function are Smart Lighting Control, Smart Curtain Control, Smart Appliances Control, Remote Monitor, Smart Security, Music, Home Theater, Smart Lock, Window Control and Building Intercom.

Q: Is it still expensive?

A: It is not correct. When the home automation just came out, it is very expensive, but step by step, the technology is mature and price gets lower. We also make different solutions for different customers. For example, in villa, we make all-function solution, the cost is more higher. But for common family, we will release a set for experience, of course, the cost is much lower.

Q: how much is the smart switch panel for example?

A: at the beginning, the smart switch is over one thousand yuan, but now, it is only hundreds of yean, marketing price.

Q: is this smart fingerprint lock? what is its function?

A: yes, the smart fingerprint lock works in the home automation system, it is not only compatiable with common smart lock, like password, fingerprint, card unlock, but also upgraded unlock by remote controller, app or clock. When there is close friend visiting, open the door for him/her remotely, and even more, you can use different fingerprint to lauch different scenes, for example, index finger for normal unlock the door; middle finger for force unlock.


For better to understand the home automation system, CHNSMART staff shows the real demonstration to the journalist. When back home, use fingerprint to open the smart lock, then it lauches the "home" secen, lighting turns on, curtain open, music plays, AC opens. When there is visitor coming, lauch "receiption" scene, music stops, all lights turn on. When leaving home, all the lights turn off, curtain close, appliances close, alarm armed.

2017 will be a very important year in home automation history. CHNSMART release new generation system and products, hope to work with old and new customers together to make a big progress.

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